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The Functional Imaging Group and its Cancer Imaging Programme
The CCLG Functional Imaging Group was formed to develop and evaluate new imaging methods for the management and understanding of childhood cancer. The group is composed of scientists and clinicians at the forefront of developing novel clinical imaging techniques in cancer and running major childhood cancer trials. Close connection with biological studies and clinical trials provides a seamless approach to translational research for functional imaging in childhood cancer and the close collaboration with the UK network of principal treatment centres for children with cancer allows rapid dissemination of advances across the UK. In 2008, a £2.3 Million award* was made to develop a programme of research “for the development and evaluation of Magnetic Resonance based functional imaging for the enhanced management of childhood cancer” and the development of this website forms part of that initiative.

*CR-UK & EPSRC Cancer Imaging Programme at the Children’s Cancer and Leukaemia Group (CCLG), in association with the Medical Research Council and Department of Health (England)

Click Here for a short presentation about the CCLG Functional Imaging Group.

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